How to Pass Every Salesforce Certification Exam

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How to Pass Every Salesforce Certification Exam

Shad Aumann
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Course Benefits & Highlights

  • Concise and actionable: 54-minute video overview of the entire methodology after which you will know precisely how to proceed!
  • Shows how to be a self-directed learner to prepare for Salesforce certifications using the same resources professionals use on projects
  • Puts you in the right mindset to make frequent, tangible progress and feel confident by exam time
  • Aligns your exam preparation and project readiness: move from certification to projects and beyond
  • Avoid the need for excessive exam retakes by treating the exam itself as your most valuable learning opportunity
  • Break down exams into their objectives and Salesforce features/functionality to target and plan your preparation
  • Powerful techniques such as Practice vs Studying and Spaced Repetition make the most of your valuable time
  • Filled with exam test-taking tips that will improve your scores immediately!

Certification & Learning Concerns

  • Are you worried you may not be studying the correct things or using the most effective techniques?
  • Are you wary of "exam cram" videos and flashcards that may get you to pass the exam, but do not provide any lasting value, depth of knowledge, or ability to apply the knowledge?
  • Have you spent an overly-long time preparing to take exams and not known when you have prepared enough?
  • Want to avoid having to buy separate preparation courses for each exam?
  • Have you experienced the dreaded "Sorry..." message at the end of an exam attempt?
  • Ever pass an exam and then try to implement solutions weeks or months later - only to find out you cannot recall, apply, or extend your knowledge?
  • Do you feel like the entire Salesforce ecosystem is accelerating away from you with continual new features and you cannot keep up?

If ANY of these experiences are familiar, this proven methodology is for YOU!

  • Make frequent, tangible progress towards exam preparation
  • Save time by learning more and retaining more
  • Apply your learning directly to projects
  • Extend your learning any time after passing exams using the same techniques

Both experienced Salesforce professionals with many certifications and beginners just starting their certification journey have used this course and benefitted.

Not only will you be well-prepared to pass every Salesforce certification exam, but this method leverages proven learning techniques that help you retain and apply your hard-earned knowledge on project well into the future. Awesome Admins, Architects, Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, Sales, UX, Managers, and more will all benefit greatly from this methodology!

Buy this one course and reuse the material for every Salesforce certification!

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Includes a 54-minute video of the entire methodology, 42-slide presentation to use as a reference, exam stats spreadsheet, practice notes template, and a quick-start video on the Salesforce Help portal.


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